Madden 18 At EA Play: Longshot Story Mode And New Characteristics Revealed In Promising Show

Madden 18 is hunting superior with each new information release and reveal.

On Saturday, we saw an extended trailer for the new story mode named Longshot. I was blown away by the visuals, voice acting, compelling story and excited by the prospective depth. Take a look for your self.

Those positive vibes grew once I watched the deep dive on EA’s Twitch channel moments after EA Play ended. I gained a little bit extra data right after reading a revealing interview with creative director Mike Young by Games Radar’s Ben Wilson.

As a fan with the sport and gaming, it is challenging to contain my excitement. As a critic and journalist, I’ll hold on to some skepticism until I play the retail version.

Let’s begin together with the good. This game looks gorgeous. You may clearly see the effect on the Frostbite Engine inside the environments and player detail. Whenever you hear men and women rave concerning the game’s beauty, this isn’t fake news. Madden 18 looks set to be one of the best-looking games in the year.

Component of what will earn it that crown may be the Longshot story mode. It took 4 years for EA to create and direct the cinematic aspect of their new story mode, and with FIFA 17’s The Journey as a precursor and Fight Night Champion’s Champions Mode prior to it to add additional validation there can be a explanation to become pumped for Longshot.

The aforementioned deep dive made reference to alternate endings for the lead character Devon Wade. That is one thing we’ve yet to find out in any story inside a sports video game. There was also the usage of real NCAA teams. Texas and Oregon were shown within the trailer.

It was wonderful seeing any semblance of NCAA Football in a video game. It has been 4 years since the series was canceled.

Will we get a likelihood to pick which group Devon plays or played for? We do not know, but we do know the whole mode ends prior to he even makes it for the NFL. Initially, that bit of information caused me to pause, but then I began to consider what it could mean.

Is Longshot going to become a entirely exclusive knowledge that tells a compelling story, teaches and/or tests gamers’ football IQ even though possibly branching into an additional mode? We do not have any indication of this, but could among the list of rewards of finishing Longshot be a Devon Wade MUT card or perhaps a draftable version of him in a Connected Franchise draft class?

If it really is as interactive since it is engaging, EA Sports may have made another outstanding athletic cyber drama.

All in all, I came away additional eager for the release of Madden 18(buy MUT Coins) on August 25. Keep tuned for a lot more information as it becomes available.

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