‘NHL 18’ Teaser Trailer Is Released, But it Doesn’t Give Us Anything Of Substance

NHL 18 could be amazing, but I am no closer to confirming that today than I was yesterday. The teaser trailer that released on Wednesday was as guarded as a net behind Sergei Bobrovsky.

I know the nature of a teaser trailer will be to tease, but you have got NHL 18 Coins Buy to give a little bit a lot more than this to tantalize.

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ 20-year-old phenom Mitchell Marner is featured within the brief snippet. It is possible to clearly see Marner with his mouthpiece hanging out of his mouth, which I believe is new, as may be the animation on his shot against what seems to become the Ottawa Senators’ Craig Anderson.

Beyond that, there was nothing.

NHL has been EA Sports’ most underrated and consistent series, in my opinion, so my hopes are nonetheless high for the game’s release. Nevertheless, it seems pretty obvious the dev team is not ready to share something important. Luckily, we’ve been promised a complete reveal on June 21, that is the evening of the NHL Awards Show.

The complete reveal is right on schedule depending on earlier years. NHL 17’s official gameplay trailer dropped on June 22, nevertheless it was preceded by a “Vision Trailer” on April 26. Wednesday’s release felt like an abbreviated version on the latter.

In case you have been hoping to get a glimpse of NHL 18 Hut Coins at EA Play on June 10-12, permit me to douse that fire. It can be not part of the official lineup of games that will be on show so you’ll have to wait two weeks to see some true footage and specifics.

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