‘NBA 2K18′ News: Comparing Isaiah Thomas’ Render To His ‘NBA 2K17’ Model

Now that the first new screenshots have already been released for NBA 2K18, it’s time to buy mt 2k18 begin comparing them to NBA 2K17.

Isaiah Thomas was one of the initial players to have his player model revealed. You’ll be able to see it within the image above. For the sake of reference, let’s examine Thomas in NBA 2K17 in a equivalent pose and dissect the improvements, alterations, and so forth.

In NBA 2K17, Thomas’ arms were far also lengthy, and he was just a little also muscular. The latter trait was an issue with just about just about every model in last year’s game–except for the poor guys who were provided the ultra-thin frame, along with the handful of players inside the league who truly carry the heft or muscle that the renders depicted.

The NBA 2K18 model appears considerably additional realistic.

The face is also somewhat much more correct, despite the fact that I’m not certain if I am a fan with the new lighting. It might be the filter or finish added towards the photo for presentation, but the colors look just a little duller than they did final year.

This year, the new Nike logos are on all of the NBA MT Coins uniforms and Thomas’ Boston Celtics are one of the teams that will function corporate ads. You are able to see the Common Electric logo on his upper left chest. I will be capturing related poses for DeMar DeRozan and Paul George to supply a comparable comparison for each player.

Remain tuned because the stream of pre-release info should really continue inside the coming days and weeks. NBA 2K18 releases on September 15 for PS4, XB1, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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