Release Date & Features Of Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team

The Madden 18, developed and published by EA is ready for the upcoming season with Tom Brady revealed as the cover athlete as announced by EA sports. He has done a lot of big things for the English patriots, including his recent Super Bowl victory and Madden’s followers from all around the world are aware of his achievements in historic fashion. Leave the ‘Madden curse’ joke aside!

Madden 18 Release Date

The Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team is going to be released on August 25th, 2017. Brady doesn’t seem to be worried at all about the Madden Curse. If you buy the Madden 18 G.O.A.T Edition you can play it 3 days early on Xbox One or PS4. And if you have EA access you will be lucky enough to play 3 days earlier than the release date.

Madden 18 Features

What’s new? Here’s a glimpse of some of the new features that we are all set to patiently wait for the up and coming Madden 18 Ultimate Team:

Powered by the Frostbite Engine this time, Madden would be the first game in the series – might look a bit new to some.

Spectacular and striking new stadium exteriors with vast cityscapes all around and three new play styles with your specifications for each matchup to play. Or just play the real world matchups with Play Now Live!

Target Passing, coaching adjustments and coverage assignments.

The Long-shot story mode is going to be introduced by EA this time yet making Madden quite the rage!

The online team play comeback with the MUT Squads.

We’ve got to see the use of real NCCA teams and Texas and Oregon were also shown in the trailer.

We can also see some flashing new graphics – Madden 17 Vs Madden 18 as promised by EA that you’d see the most photorealistic game this time. And you can buy the cheapest mut 18 coins here at

The game is already getting some rave reviews from fans who have been following the game updates, watched the trailer and they have marked it as the all new football mayhem which you can buy both online and offline.

The hype seems to be ramping up among both the critics and fans of Madden 18 especially because of ‘Play the Live’ in it!

Madden is good so it’s time to own up to it now! Since, it really has injected a lot of bluster to it that would leave you blown up this season. So get your Madden coins now!

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