World of Warcraft’s new Shadows of Argus trailer assures us that anything has led to this

World of Warcraft’s 7.3 Shadow of Argus patch asks players of your game’s Legion expansion to take the fight to Argus, household world of your forces of Legion.

The patch, out now, has had a whole lot of wow itemsmake up.

This trailer establishes the grandiosity with the battle, which should really please long-time WoW fans who are invested inside the game’s conflicts.

In accordance with the press release, the Shadow of Argus patch – will is launching one particular day brief of a full year soon after Legion – will let players:

Journey to a hostile new world, where the Legion’s corruption of Argus as well as the shattered remains of the draenei’s ancestral household may be explored for the initial time.
Join forces using the Army from the Light, a band of lost warriors committed to combating the Legion, and two champions from Azeroth’s past: Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon, long thought to be lost because the Legion’s last crusade on Azeroth.
Discover three distinct regions of Argus spanning the fel-scarred surface of Argus (Krokuun), the ancient ruins of an eredar city (Mac’Aree) that floats in the sky, as well as the planet’s core (Antoran Wastes).
Conquer the Seat of the Triumvirate (new dungeon), the ancient centre of draenei culture, where Velen, Kil’jaeden, and Archimonde when ruled.
Customise their Artifact’s Relics by way of the Netherlight Crucible.
Seal the Legion’s Invasion Points on other worlds.
Command a drainei vessel and travelling base of operations, the Vindicaar.
The total, in depth patch notes, are out there on World of Warcraft’s website(buy wow gold).

This could all be lead as much as the next expansion, what ever that ends up looking like. Even though Blizzard has stopped reporting on the size of its subscriber base, World of Warcraft clearly still has some life left in it.

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