Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.15 Released

Square Enix announced that the upcoming update 4.15 of Final Fantasy XIV is going to become released on November 21st.

The update comes together using the new capabilities that didn’t make it into patch 4.1 quite a few weeks ago. To begin with, we get a 24 vs 24 large-scale PvP function named Rival Wings.

The mode divides players into two factions (Falcons and Ravens), with all the objective to destroy the enemy core. It’ll also be probable to manage successful machina (essentially mecha), and use mammet minions, a steam cannon along with a power generator to manage. You probably guessed it, it’s fairly a little like a MOBA.

A additional feature that may well surely delight roleplayers might be the ability for bards to in actual fact play their harps by composing tunes with actual notes. It has no gameplay effects, nevertheless it is merely very good to possess. Additional playable instruments will likely be progressively added with future patches.

You are in a position to verify out the screenshots under. If you’d like to read much more regarding the game, you are able to love our report in regards towards the current orchestra concert in Tokyo, on big of our present interview from Gamescom. You may need to also verify out our assessment from the most existing expansion, Stormblood.

Final Fantasy XIV is at present presented for PS4 and PC. But currently, in order to accompany Patch 4.15, The Final Fantasy XIV are going to be in upkeep around the globe from Nov.20, 6:00pm to Nov.21, 2:00 am (PST), throughout which Final Fantasy XIV will probably be unavailable. So welcome to get cheap FFXIV Gil on IGXE.Com and play the game again soon after that time.

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