Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Really should be Set in Old Republic Period

Billions of people today have grown up with Star Wars in their lives. This decade, we had been reintroduced to that world with Star Wars: The Force Awakens (directed by J.J Abrams), the starting of a new trilogy, developing a new history right after Disney generally threw out decades of growth seen in various novels, comic books and video games. The present Star Wars canon basically just has stories regarding the Republic or Rebellion fighting the Empire. That’s fine, but it is also pretty limiting and not as thrilling as several of the stories which have now turn into a component of Star Wars Legends, the official name for anything that was retconned right after Disney purchased the cheap SWTOR Credits house.

That is why the recent news that Rian Johnson is set to direct a complete new trilogy is so exciting. It is going to function a brand new story, with new characters and new places, which implies that there is loads of prospective. Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, stated, “Rian will do awesome items using the blank canvas of this new trilogy,” and we’re compelled to agree. Nonetheless, we also feel that this totally new story must take place in a time lots of fans are currently familiar with: The Old Republic era.

For all those that are seriously a lot more fans from the films than the globe outside of them, the Old Republic is an era set rougly 4000 years just before the events in the current film saga, within a time when the galaxy was ruled by, a the name would recommend, a republic. This era had been vaguely touched upon in a number of comic books and novels until it became a well known setting following the video game, Star Wars: Knights from the Old Republic (frequently shortened to KOTOR), created by Bioware.

The game, which was released in 2003, introduced a number of SWTOR Credits new planets which include the Manaan the ocean planet, the ancient Lehon and Taris, which is pretty much a the poor man’s Coruscant in much more strategies than 1. It also produced grand histories for locations that had only been talked about in the films, such as Dantooine, which was first mentioned in Star Wars: A brand new Hope as a planet that had formerly been made use of as a rebel base. Star Wars: KOTOR showed us that Dantooine when had a history as a Jedi enclave which protected the settlers on the planet.

Dantooine is still inside the official Star Wars canon. It was the setting for several episodes in Star Wars: Clone Wars at the same time as Star Wars: Rebels, the latter of which featured yet an additional planet, Malachor, a planet initial introduced in Star Wars: Knights on the Old Republic II, developed by Obsidian. The video game introduced the planet as a world once dominated by the Sith and Dark Jedi, along with the canonical animated series seemed to keep faithful to that history, evidenced by its mentioning in the Star Wars: Rebels episode “Missing in Action”.

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