Final Fantasy 14 Christmas Update Allows you to Get A Flying Santa Bear

Final Fantasy XIV’s annual Christmas-themed occasion is nearly here. The Starlight Celebration kicks off later this week, but before then, Square Enix has detailed a number of the holiday-themed products and rewards you will get FFXIV Gil throughout the limited-time event–including an adorable new mount.

The Starlight Celebration event begins this Friday, December 15, at 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET and runs by way of the rest on the month. You’ll need to be at the very least level 15 to participate in the occasion, and completing quests will get some new Christmas-themed decorations for the dwelling. However the ideal reward will be the Starlight Bear, a cuddly new mount dressed like Santa. Just have a look at him.

Players will get the Starlight Bear mount as a reward for finishing the Starlight Celebration’s quest series. Along with being adorable, the Starlight Bear knows a few distinctive tricks. Like your standard bear, it may fly via the air. It might also, fittingly enough, throw presents, which explode into a cloud of stars and snowflakes. You will get cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil a look at these skills inside the screenshots above.

Other things you can get during the Starlight Celebration including four new furnishings: the Starlight Stew Set, Starlight Log Set, Starlight Sapling, and Starlight Celebration Advertisement. You can also get a Starlight Gateway music roll for your Orchestrion. The Starlight Celebration occasion ends at 6:59 AM PT on December 31. You are able to study much more about it on the Final Fantasy XIV website.

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