Playerauctions is Excited that PUBG on Xbox is Coming Soon!

PUBG will release on Xbox this December. While it will not be a correct copy in the Pc version, there are slight variations, but the developers are thinking about aligning both versions (PC and Xbox) versions sooner or later. Also, there will probably be an Xbox exclusive skin packs readily available for any limited time around the release.

Xbox users unite mainly because PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, the hit battle royale FPS that swept the gaming planet off its feet, is finally coming towards the console this vacation season! Survive inside the battlegrounds and defeat up to 99 other players to stand in the best and win that chicken dinner. Scramble to be 1st to acquire weapons and supplies so that you could push your benefit because the playable map shrinks. PUBG is coming to Xbox on December 12, 2017.

Concerning the Release

PUBG will launch on Xbox Games Preview, a thing related to Steam’s Greenlight, which implies that the game won’t be on its final type, and players could give their feedback to produce the game better. The Xbox release will not be the same because the existing Computer version, but the only significant difference will be the Desert map that will not be inside the Xbox version inside the close to future. The current additions, such as vaulting and climbing might be readily available at launch; when the two versions are on different improvement tracks, the developers are arranging to possess these two versions align at some point. Maybe a cross-platform PUBG is inside the works for 2018.

New Exclusive PUBG Skin Packs

To celebrate PUBG’s console release, there will likely be 3 Xbox exclusive cosmetic packages offered to get a restricted time given that you can find no plans to feature microtransactions or in-game purchases for the Xbox release. These PUBG skins are premium! Do not miss the chance to have them.

The three packages are named the PUBG Warrior Pack, the PUBG Accessory Pack, plus the final is the PUBG Tracksuit Pack. The Warrior and Accessory packs are similar, except the former give a ski mask as well as the latter delivers a hat. The shirt, pants, and bag accessory would be the similar. The shirt’s sleeves and hems are dyed green using a camo-like design and style, plus the rest is definitely an off-whitish colour. The Tracksuit consists of a white open tracksuit prime and similarly colored bottoms. Just select which package to get as soon as they are readily available.

Remember, PUBG for Xbox on its Game Preview section comes out December 12, 2017. It will not be exactly the same as the Pc version but is close sufficient that the differences aren’t noticeable. Lastly, grab a limited edition Xbox-only cosmetic package, as in-game purchases are not confirmed yet (and could possibly not be, ever).

Cheers to chicken dinners in your future! Appreciate surviving inside the battlegrounds and be cautious when driving.

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