The CW Will Broadcast the Madden NFL 18 Challenge Later This Month

Contemplate that the competition is slowing down because the Christmas is coming? Feel once again, as the CW includes a particular coming up which will bring football action well in to the New Year.

The network has announced that it has partnered with Electronic Arts plus the National Football League to present a new one-hour prime time esports particular title EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge, that will be broadcasted on Wednesday, December 27th, at 8:00 pm EDT on the CW.

In the course of this time, the audiences might be in a position to capture each of the behind-the-scenes actions of the Challenge itself, which serves as one of several four big Madden NFL Championship Series. They will also have the ability to buy mut coins see eight on the competitors competing inside the tournament, who will try to win the belt of the Madden Challenge and also a portion from the supplied $150,000 prize pool.

As outlined by the press release, the idea behind the Challenge should be to reach a broader entertainment audience and grow the fanbase around Madden NFL competitors. There will probably be large amount of competitors, such as Shay “Young Kiv” Kivien, Michael “Prodigy” Scott, Drini Gjoka, Lavar “Hollywood” Gayle and Chris “Dubby” McFarland.

Todd Sitrin, Senior Vice President and Common Manager with the Competitive Gaming Division at EA, mentioned: “Since the launch of your Madden NFL Championship Series, our goal has been to produce Madden NFL competitive gaming accessible to as numerous fans as possible. The partnership together with the CW and airing from the ‘EA MADDEN NFL 18 CHALLENGE’ special marks a major step forward, not merely in broadening the fanbase for competitive Madden NFL, but also in highlighting our players – the actual stars”

And Rick Haskins, the executive vice president ofMarketing and Digital Programs, The CW said: “We are thrilled to partner with EA and Madden NFL, one of several most well-known games in the world, for The CW’s final eSports occasion of 2017, Madden NFL is an iconic franchise, with millions of committed fans, and we’re excited to bring our viewers behind the scenes and up close to see some of the best Madden NFL players inside the country compete for the title.”

Christopher Halpin, the Chief Tactic Officer from the NFL, said: “Madden NFL continues to be an extraordinary platform for the League to attain and engage with our younger fan base, and the CW’s vibrant audience is a ideal match. The CW has taken a exclusive viewpoint on eSports, and we’re excited they have partnered with EA and the NFL to showcase the stories and drama with the Madden NFL 18 Challenge.”

So, if you are a fan of competitive football, contemplate this an event to not be missed. Madden NFL 18 is now offered for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Welcome to get Madden 18 Coins on IGXE.Com to play the game on the net.

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