Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 1 “Daybreak” Launches Nowadays

ArenaNet continues its commitment to giving a stream of extremely engaging content material to Guild Wars 2 with today’s launch of Living World Season 4 Episode 1, “Daybreak”.

Immediately after the Brandstorm engulfs the no cost city of Amnoon, the Commander receives a mysterious vision, revealing that an encounter in ancient Elonian ruins may well determine the fate of Tyria. The Commander embarks on a look for cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold a secretive order of warriors who guard the way into that ancient city, just because the consequences of previous alternatives come dwelling to roost.

Along with Guild Wars 2’s signature storytelling, Episode 1 delivers further delights:

New Legendary Focus: A relic shrouded in mystery.
New Fractal – Twilight Oasis: Journey towards the past and witness events that shaped Elona.
New Raid – Hall of Chains: An influx of murderous undead relentlessly hunt innocent worshipers of Grenth. Infiltrate the Underworld and join the struggle for manage over the fates from the living plus the dead.
A notable and much-asked-for good quality of life improvement: A new “keys” category has been added to the account wallet, which consists of a currency version of quite a few current things that are utilised to unlock caches of treasure. These things is usually consumed to convert them into the new currencies. Players can discover a complete list of the new currencies within the patch notes.

Living World content releases each 2-3 months and is totally free to access for players who personal Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, the not too long ago released second expansion. The critically acclaimed Path of Fire can be purchased at‎. By basically logging in though a Living World episode is live, players can unlock it – and people who do not but personal Path of Fire can bank the episode to play later. They do not have to have to possess completed the storyline in the expansion to appreciate Season 4. Season 4 content material is intended for level-80 characters. Each acquire of GW2 Gold: Path of Fire comes using a Level-80 Increase, which will boost one particular character to max level and equip them to delight in all of the content offered in Guild Wars 2, such as Season 4.

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