Final Fantasy XIV Shows Update 4.2 With New 1080p Screenshots of Story and Byakko Battle

Today Square Enix released the first official batch of screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV update 4.2, titled “Rise of a brand new Sun”.

The screenshots give us a glimpse in to the story, that should bring the Warriors of Light and their scion mates back to Doma, because the post-war turmoil in Ala Mhigo is ultimately winding down. Yet, anything is happening inside the far east, threatening to spark a brand new fire. Familiar characters will appear once a lot Final Fantasy XIV Gil more, which includes everyone’s preferred ninja Yugiri, Gosetsu, and Hien. Whilst she will not be featured in the screenshots, I bet pretty some players are looking forward to seeing Yotsuyu once again also.

We also see the initial trial battle against one of the Four Lords, Byakko. He is among the 4 holy beasts guarding the far east. At the moment we don’t know substantially a lot more concerning the battle, however it will likely be offered in each typical and intense version.

The update doesn’t have a precise release date, but we do understand that it’ll are available in January, bringing along a ton much more capabilities and content.

You may look at the screenshots. If you want to learn more regarding the game, you are able to get pleasure from our current interview with Naoki Yoshida and our assessment on the Stormblood expansion.

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