Elder Scrolls Online: 3 Add-Ons DLC Packs Set For 2018

Very good NEWS: There are actually a great deal of content for the Elder Scrolls Online players to look forward to in 2018.

Within a letter searching back to all the function that ZeniMax Studios did around the game inside the year that was such as the “Morrowind” quest, which it deemed the top one it did for Elder Scrolls Online so far, game director Matt Firor promised that “we’re not slowing down.”

According to Firor, Elder Scrolls Online players can appear forward to no less than three downloadable content material (DLC) packages as well as a brand-new chapter of games subsequent year.

There are many issues to complete and discover in Tamriel, and we’re incredibly excited to take you to some cheap eso gold highly-requested places next year.

He promised that the very first Elder Scrolls Online DLC for 2018, a Nord-themed dungeon-based sort referred to as “Dragon Bones” is going to be officially released just just after the first in the year.

Coming collectively with the Dragon Bones is definitely an update filled with quality-of-life improvements and additions, including at least one long-awaited feature that everyone who cares about the appearance of their character will enjoy, at the same time because the Homestead Storage items I mentioned earlier . We are going to offer you with more particulars about this update when it launches around the PTS early (really early) in 2018.

Firor promised that his group is going to be committed to enhancing The Elder Scrolls Online in 2018, by releasing standard updates and fixes that should make sure great gameplay knowledge for users.

He sincerely thanked the fans of the Elder Scrolls Online for creating it all occur by the finish of this letter.

“I know I say this often, but all of us mean it right here at ZOS: Thank you. Thanks for your help, passion, and commitment to producing the world of Tamriel wonderful. Because of the nature of ESO, considerably with the game’s character comes in the community (i.e. you!), and ESO is known as one of several most welcoming, beneficial, and amazing communities in gaming. Let’s preserve it going collectively!” Firor stated.

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