Guild Wars 2 makes Lootboxing fairer – no less than a bit

Lootboxes cause problems at the very least because the controversy over Battlefront 2 at Buy2Play games. This also applies to Guild Wars 2(GW2 Gold). In ArenaNet’s Buy2Play MMORPG, there has been current pressure resulting from special RNG boxes for mount skins.

To make the boxes slightly fairer and to appease the players, the developers have screwed on the mechanics of your Lootboxen.

Assured items and consolation prizes

The Black Lion Chests, Guild Wars 2 Loot Boxes, now function a Black Lion figurine moreover to no less than two random things plus a assured seasonal item. The figurine is actually a sort of consolation prize, which does nothing at all in itself. But you could use the figurines as exchange currency and exchange them for coveted products.

Among the barter items are beneficial things like teleports to pals, refactoring kits and also skins. Keep in mind, having said that, that you just occasionally require fairly a few such figurines and already expense cheap products, including the teleport, 5 figurines.

An costly exciting?

A chest opening expenses about 1.50 Euro. So it’s important to buy GW2 Gold plenty of cash in chests to profit from the figurines. So the new method is particularly worthwhile for people opening a great deal of speakers.

There is also a no cost Lootbox which includes keys for all players who log in and have either purchased the basic game or one of many two addons.

What do you consider in the new addition to the loot boxes in Guild Wars 2? Meaningful and fair or just a negligible consolation prize?

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