Path of Exile Shaping: Drawbacks

The massive benefit to shaping is, oddly sufficient, the same as the drawback. After you have your Atlas at a place that you just want it, you may make a decision what high tier maps to shape. At this point your Atlas need to be largely completed, and completion is no longer anything you’re worried about. All of a sudden, the truth that Shaped maps aren’t connected is a blessing.

Let me clarify. Take, for example, my Atlas this league. I need to run Vaults. I want to run only Vaults, forever. Vault is often a tier 9 map, so when it is shaped it becomes tier 14. So what I did was full every single map as much as and which includes tier 13. Then I ran a single tier 14 map so as to get the poe orbs Memory Fragment and also the Shaper’s Orb. Afterwards, I unshaped that map right away. This left my Atlas with full completion of each single map tier 1-13. In case you do this, it is going to offer you about 150 map bonus, based on the variety of unique maps you’ve run.

Once my Atlas was in this state, all I did was shape Vault. Now it is the only tier 14 on my Atlas. Why is this awesome? When I run Vault, just about every single time a tier 14 map would drop, it is a Vault map. Every time a tier 15 map would have dropped, it is downgraded and becomes a Vault map. Mainly because Shaped maps are not connected anyplace, they do not give something that is not currently completed on your Atlas. Within this case, this indicates I get a whole great deal of Path of Exile Items Vault maps back – don’t forget, maps are a consumable, and once you run them, you will need to have an additional. For those who never choose to do a lot of trading whilst farming and you have a Shaped map you like, this really is the optimal tactic. I do not must cope with other players to obtain more maps, given that I often have adequate, and that lets me farm somewhat bit a lot more.

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