How Does Secrets in the Empire Fit In to the Star Wars Timeline

Star Wars: Secrets in the Empire is actually a VR-based expertise that lately opened in Anaheim, Orlando, and London. The expertise is powered by The Void, a firm that blends virtual reality headsets with haptic feedback suits, physique tracking, and physical environments to buy SWTOR credits make one of a kind, immersive storytelling. For Secrets, The Void partnered with ILMxLAB, a division of Lucasfilm that operates with experimental technologies. Also, the story told by way of the experience was created with all the involvement of your Lucasfilm Story Group, and based on them, it really is canon.

Granted, it is a softer kind of canon, as with other interactive stories for instance video games, but the broader strokes of it are thought of to be official entries in to the Star Wars timeline. Lucasfilm has even teased that the story may have far-reaching implications inside the bigger Star Wars galaxy. Read on for what Secrets of the Empire has revealed, and how the practical experience fits in to the Star Wars universe as we know it.

Secrets in the Empire opens not extended prior to the events of Rogue One particular. Participants step in to the role of rebel operatives contacted by intelligence officer Cassian Andor. Cassian has been tracking an Imperial shipment of intense interest: a ship carrying a crate rumored to contain some kind of effective weapon. Cassian is unable to intercept the ship himself, even so, right after the Rebel base he is at is found by Imperial forces. In his stead, he assigns five Rebel operatives, accompanied by K-2SO, to go undercover as Stormtroopers and track the shipment down.

The hunt results in an Imperial facility on Mustafar, plus the disguised Rebel operatives infiltrate the base. After they’re found, they are forced to fight their way by means of the base to attain the objective. At the climax on the encounter, the crate’s contents are revealed: a lightsaber in contrast to any that we’ve observed just before. The weapon has a blue blade, but in contrast to a classic lightsaber’s additional rounded blade, this 1 seems to have a sharper, pointed end, along with a hilt additional equivalent to a medieval broadsword.

Unfortunately, the Rebels are unable to obtain the SWTOR credits weapon, just barely escaping with their lives. However, they do manage to extract precious data about it, which they return towards the Rebel Alliance for additional analysis.

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