Star Wars Cannot Use the Expanded Universe as a Storytelling Crutch

Star Wars is really a distinctive place right now, with regards to the franchise’s history. Till now, it has constantly been about a single story – the thread that is told via the movies or the Television shows. Confident, there is a whole universe out there of books that came out just before Disney’s obtain of Lucasfilm, but they weren’t looking to inform stories at the identical time. The movies and Expanded Universe have normally been separate when it comes to after they were telling stories. After all, the Thrawn trilogy wasn’t released until the early 1990s.

It really is well-known at this point that George Lucas didn’t contemplate the novels canon. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, they turned the the old stories into “Legends” and began issuing new books to go in conjunction with the films they were releasing. It made sense; they couldn’t tell new stories if all the things had currently been written. Because of this, the company is now balancing publishing comics, novels, Television, and films that overlap and intertwine in myriad approaches. Usually gaps within the motion pictures are filled inside pages of an additional tome.

Desire to know how Poe Dameron tracked down Lor San Tekka (played by Max Von Sydow) within the Force Awakens? Read the Poe Dameron comic. Serious about what happened when Saw Gerrera abandoned Jyn Erso? Check out Beth Revis’ Rebel Increasing. Frustrated that the origins of Snoke weren’t revealed inside the Final Jedi? Do not be concerned, it’s going to likely be covered inside a book sooner or later (assuming the motion pictures are finished with him.)

Having the ability to inform a bigger story than just a two-hour movie will let is one of the excellent issues about Star Wars. It permits these who would like to to actually get cheap SWTOR Credits in to the trenches, to dive into the nitty gritty of theorizing and attempting to determine what almost everything means.

The problem, though, is when it starts feeling like the motion pictures are leaning on the Expanded Universe somewhat as well tough, when it starts seeming like you must study the books and the comics to know what you are seeing on the screen. The bottom line is the fact that if a movie can not tell an effective story, with understandable and relatable plotting and character improvement with no further material to prop it up and explain what takes place, it fails at storytelling. Star Wars is having dangerously close to that precipice.

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