Patch 4.25 brings the Forbidden Land to Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online is about to acquire cheap FFXIV Gil somewhat bigger, because of the just dropped currently Patch 4.25.

The new update reveals Eureka Anemos – The Forbidden Land! And, unsurprisingly the game expects players to ignore that moniker totally and come along and delight in a mess of new content material inside the unexplored and elementally capricious region.

Here’s what FFXIV players can anticipate:

Field Area-Style Gameplay: As much as 144 players may well occupy a single instance. Players are encouraged to group up with fellow adventurers to hunt notorious monsters and perform towards common goals.

Player Progression: Players will get elemental EXP to strengthen their capability to harness the elements, but will must be careful. Death in Eureka will see EXP and even levels lost if they rashly rush in.

Altered Battle Mechanics: More technique is essential in battle through an element method, in which players need to buy FFXIV Gil use the Magia Board to change the element affinity of their attack to oppose their enemy’s. Players will customize their Magia Board’s elemental attributes, and will have to very carefully look at their setup depending on the target from the adventure.

Rewards: Players will occasionally earn protean crystals through exploration of Eureka, and could use them to enhance Eureka weapons and gear using the aid on the famed blacksmith, Gerolt.

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