Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 4.25 Allows you to Uncover Eureka

With six million of us beneath its spell, Final Fantasy XIV Online has surely confirmed its worth. Due to the fact release, it has received several game-changing patches and expansions, and could possibly be headed to Switch if Square Enix producer Naoki Yoshida’s comments are any indication. In 2018, Square Enix is continuing to help FFXIV Online inside the kind of an enigmatic new region, fresh battle elements, and more weapons.

Patch 4.25 introduces ‘Eureka Anemos’, a forbidden locale host to untamed wonders and dynamic components. It also unlocks the latest chapter of Hildibrand’s adventures, plus The Feast PvP’s seventh season. Due to Eureka’s expansive surface region, you’ll be capable of collab with as much as 144 fellow FFIV Online players to hunt monsters and mine for protean crystals.

Fundamental battle mechanics are having an elemental makeover, too. Squaring off against enemies now requires you to buy FFXIV Gil customise your Magia Board, and change the element affinity of the attack so it acts as a counterpoint to your rival. The player progression will net you elemental EXP and make harnessing components much easier, but is laced with dire consequences should you die, taking EXP (and also levels) alternatively.

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