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Last December Dark Reivilo presented you an update of a number of the cards related to Star Wars: The Old Republic (see news). Nowadays, he continues on this theme with 11 brand new cards. What to continue to finish the encyclopedia… Although playing. You will discover some cheap SWTOR Credits who have the great life anyway!

Eugenics Program on the Second Sith Empire: Eugenics Plan on the Second Empire Sith was a genetic improvement project of human topic aimed in certain to make them integrate the finest analysts in the Secret Service.

Secret Solutions from the Second Sith Empire: Secret Services of the Second Sith Empire was the government agency that dealt with all the internal safety from the Empire and espionage.
Watchman: The Watchers was an anonymous group of folks operating for the key Service in the Second Sith Empire. Their job was the internal security in the imperial territory.
Cerberus: Cerberus was the chief of operations on the intelligence service possessed by the Second Sith Empire.
Station Chief: The Station Chief was an official mandated by the Chief of Secret Solutions with the Second Sith Empire to monitor the population on one of the other planet.
Minister of Secret Services: The Minister of Secret Services was the public figure in the intelligence and internal security agency of your Second Sith Empire.
Troubleshooter: The key Service Deputies in the Second Sith Empire were technicians accountable for the upkeep with the apparatus from the government agency.
Observer: The Observers were analysts and liaisons inside the Secret Service in the Second Sith Empire. It was often the item on the imperial eugenics system to make individuals extra talented than typical.
Secret Service Agent of the Second Sith Empire: The key Service Agent with the Second Sith Empire is one of the lots of functions of the spy and homeland safety agency. His part was that of spy and assassin in the four corners with the galaxy.
Operator: The Operator was a senior secret agent rank. In contrast to the agent, he had a lot more leeway in his operations and owned his personal ship and crew.

Dromund Kaas – Imperial Intelligence Headquarters: The headquarters from the Secret Servessions from the Second Sith Empire was located within the Citadel of Kaas City, the capital in the Empire. Although open towards the public, it was the nevraligic center of government intelligence operations.

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