Final Fantasy XIV Companion App Brings Paid Optional Options

Square Enix is releasing a companion app for Final Fantasy XIV and it truly is one particular that could lead to a significant trouble amongst fans. Apparently, the app was identified to include paid optional functions that would bring positive aspects to these that are willing to spend for it.

On Sunday, specifics on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.3, which is due for release in late May, emerged on the net. Based on, the update is going to introduce a companion app for Stormblood that can include new characteristics.

The app is at the moment in development, but you will discover already particulars on how it functions. First off, it is actually going to provide players a venue for them to chat with pals and organization members. It’s going to buy FFXIV Gil also have a scheduler that will organize events in addition to a function that will organize inventory and armory chest.

Interestingly, the Final Fantasy XIV companion app will also come with paid optional functions. This indicates players may have to subscribe and spend a month-to-month fee to unlock the following premium attributes:

Organize Saddlebags and Retainer Inventories
Saddlebag capacity is doubled
1 extra Retainer can be employed

On the other hand, it seems the characteristics of your upcoming app do not sit properly with many players. Over on Reddit, several are voicing out their displeasure toward the app and a few of its features. User zeth07 pointed out how numerous players have already been asking for the characteristics from the app for many years now and Square Enix is releasing them for a price next month.

The redditor also noted how the announcement from the functions just like the doubled Saddlebag and Retainer Inventories triggered an uproar inside the twitch chat where the new patch was initial announced reside. Zeth07 also added some Final Fantasy XIV Gil unfair points concerning the app like how it offers 2 Kupo Nuts daily instead of the single Kupo Nut in the no cost version. Additionally, the app will allow players to possess a higher holding capacity for Kupo Nuts.

The paid functions from the app also include a Moogle Coins currency that players can use in putting products up for sale, revising an products listing and getting products. Extra services for the Moogle Coins will also be added within the future depending on user feedback.

Many other players have since expressed their sentiment over the new patch and the app. The majority of them are angry at the believed of possessing to spend extra for additional services inside a game that currently features a $12.99 per month subscription. Nonetheless, some players pointed out that Square Enix is only charging masses who are willing to spend and if these solutions would not create income, it would be stopped later on.

Meanwhile, patch 4.3 also brings loads of new content to the game aside from the controversial companion app. Study extra right here.

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